Services center on verse-by-verse teaching of the Bible along with a time of worship. We ask parents to allow children (5th grade and under) to attend service in Children's Ministry so they may learn from the Bible on their own level. Youth (grades 6-12) can attend service (10:15 or noon) in the Youth Ministry Building for worship and messages relevant to their age. Viewing rooms are located throughout the church for those who need to step out during the service.

Visitors are encouraged to come as you are and be comfortable as you will see a wide variety of dress in the services. If you are new to Calvary Chapel Cary, stop by the Welcome Desk in the front lobby so we can meet you and you can learn about the church.

Si nos está acompañando durante nuestro tercer servicio y necesita interpretación en Español, por favor visite la caseta de sonido dentro del Santuario (localizada en la pared trasera). Se le proveerá un auricular para escuchar el servicio y conocerá a nuestro(a) intérprete. Muchas gracias por acompañarnos!


8:15 a.m. Service, Main Sanctuary
Children's Ministry
10 a.m.

Service, Main Sanctuary
   -Interpreted for the deaf and hard of hearing

Children's Ministry

Youth Ministry

12 Noon Service, Main Sanctuary
  -Interpreted in Spanish
Children's Ministry
Youth Ministry


7 p.m. Service, Main Sanctuary
  - Interpreted for the Hearing Impaired
Children's Ministry
Youth Ministry

Once every month, the youth and adults of Calvary Chapel Cary come together to celebrate Communion.  Communion is given by Jesus Christ as a time to remember his death and resurrection for the forgiveness of sin.

Each Communion Service starts with worship followed by a short teaching from the Bible. The teaching is followed by a time in worship and prayer as we partake of the elements of Communion together and remember the Lord's death and resurrection.


1st Wednesday of the month
7 p.m., Main Sanctuary
Children's Ministry

Our Child Dedication service is an acknowledgement that we receive our children from the Lord.  It is a time when parents give, or dedicate, their children back to Him.  We pray for the child and parents and ask God to give the parents wisdom in raising the child and ask the Lord that the child would grow to love and serve him.

When the child grows older and accepts Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, they are able to be baptized. Sign up for child dedication 

Child Dedication

Fourth Sunday of each month during the 12 Noon worship service.

We believe that baptism is for those who can and do profess a faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, therefore we follow the Biblical model of baptizing youth and adults. For  infants and children, we follow the Biblical model of dedicating them to the Lord.

Several times a year at Calvary Chapel Cary, we offer the opportunity to be baptized.  Before each baptism service, we hold a short baptism class so that those being baptized fully understand the meaning of baptism. 


Various times each year
Pullen Park Aquatic Center
Raleigh, N.C.